Andres Gomez

Position title: 2014-2018


My name is Andres Gomez and I am a junior working on my pre-med biochemistry major and German certificate. Over the years of ages 3-18 I have saved, fostered and adopted 18 kittens from my neighborhood and property. There was also a time when we had 6 raccoons that would come by regularly and play! All of this occurred back home in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida where I was born and raised. What brought me here to this lab was that UW-Madison, after notifying me of my acceptance, mailed me a letter offering me the chance to do undergraduate research. After signing up and browsing through different professors, I stumbled upon Professor Travers. Her study with the use of video games as a form of rehabilitation caught my eye at first, and then I saw the study was on autism. When I saw that, I knew I had to message her immediately! My favorite teacher that I had every year in high school has a son with autism, and I wanted to make him proud. Plus, it’s my slightly bizarre goal to try and know as much as I can about every diagnosis there is, as I strive to be a diagnostic radiologist in the distant future. I’m most excited for my role in working with imaging in the lab.