Dr. Travers shares our work and visits strengths-based school for autistic individuals in Barcelona


As a part of Dr. Travers’ Fulbright scholarship work in Malaga, Spain, she has the opportunity to travel and share our research with others. Last week she had the privilege of visiting Carrilet, a co-op, employee-owned, strengths-based school for autistic individuals in Barcelona, started in 1974. She gave her first (and second) scientific talk completely in Spanish, and she got to know the Carrilet team. She was, in her words, “engulfed in the joy, love, and serenity of this place, the students, and the teachers. My hope is that we can learn to make more spaces as unconditionally loving and low-stress for autistic individuals.” She and her family also had the chance to explore the city. We can’t wait to see where ventures to next!